Thursday, January 14, 2010

Taking the Plunge

Dear Blog,

I am really doing it. I am taking the plunge. I am doing what I never thought I would. I am doing what I vowed I never would. I have started my very own blog. I am six weeks post-partum and maybe that is what is causing these irrational thoughts of mine. So why am I doing this? I am doing this because of the typical blog reasonings: to document the daily life of my new family as a journal and to give updates of my family to friends and family who I don't see regularly.

Pictures are added to appeal to those who scan

Why did I vow I never would? Well, that answer is a little more in depth. I would say that the majority of the women in Relief Society (especially the younger women) have a blog which makes me believe that blogging is trendy. Nothing is wrong with trends but my husband and I usually do not like something because it is trendy, many times to a fault. We are just always striving NOT to be like everyone else. This brings me to my next point. I used to say that if I had a blog it would have to be entirely unique. None of this my husband is the best man in the world (true) or here are some spontaneous pictures of us at dinner at this fancy restaraunt (never true). Another reason I did not want to blog was because I was afraid I would eventually be checking the comments faithfully, praying someone left an adoring message. And lastly, there are definately popular blogs out there that we all admire and who we all wish we could be (or more acurately we all wish we could have their blogs) which we all find ourselves comparing our lives to theirs. It is the bain of women.

This should really keep you interested

What are my excuses to have a blog in spite of all the above negative reasons? Deep down inside me somewhere has always had the desire for one. Followers or no followers, I want to write and display pictres about my life. Who doesn't? I always look forward to a comment on Facebook so what is the difference with a blog? And I already follow many blogs and have already compared myself to them (I got past the jealousy and inadequacy long ago so this no longer applies). It is time for me to get off my high horse and understand it is not about doing what everyone else is doing but about doing and writing what you want. Nothing is wrong with blogging and nothing is wrong to the people behind them. So it seems to me now that I have no excuse not to have a blog and here I am!



Mrs. Emily J. Wilcock

P.S. I was recently talking to
Sarah about how I want to bring back the traditional letter format. No more "Hey So-and-so....I'll see ya later....Em."

P.P.S. Notice that I linked Sarah's name in true blogger fashion. That was another thing I said I would never do. Oh well.