Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Deep Rich Tones

Dear Blog,

I'm glad that you guys enjoyed the last post. Heath is truly remarkable, isn't he?

But now, on a completely unrelated, polar topic I must share with you a song. It has been popping into my mind quite a lot this past year and it has been a source of peace as I learn a lot about myself, life, and love. It is a song so beautiful it makes me close my eyes and sway while it melts away my troubles. I hope you all will take the time to listen to it, for me.

Piano aside, the cello could very well be my favorite instrument. The tones it can make are so rich, both the high and the low, and they seep into your soul, especially in this Bach Prelude.

I really don't think life would be the same without music and I have realized I have not been listening to it like I used to. I mean really listening to it and doing nothing else but focusing on the melody, harmonies, and feelings (Am I the only one that does that?). I'm thinking that this is what I'll be doing during Juni's nap times from now on.

Emily Wilcock

Sunday, February 6, 2011

All Things Chic: A Review

Dear Blog,

What a treat we have for you today!

I have many different blogs that I follow and quite a few of those blogs have some sort of focus on fashion. Which I love. Really I do.

Lately, Heath has also started keeping up with these blogs and has felt inspired. So inspired that his ensembles have really come to life! It takes a lot of skill, knowledge, and just plain fashion sense to look as amazing as Heath does and I'm going to share with you how to do just that. You better get out your note pad and pen.

First things first.

There's nothing as upsetting as having a great outfit but not having the awesome pics to showcase how great you look on your blog. One way to remedy this is try your best to be photogenic. The best way to do this, I find, is to be serious (like someone just took the last hotdog bun) or to act totally candid as if no one is near you with a camera. Works like a CHARM. Another way is to buy a disposable camera (none of that digital SLR crap) and be sure to utilize the flash. You'll see how much better my photos have turned out and you'll be wishing you were us.

The First Ensemble:

Quick Fashion tip #1: No matter how hard you try, you won't look good until you have fully embraced art, music, philosophy (my personal fav is existentialism), or anything abstract. Make sure you have embodied these desires in what you're wearing.

Quick Fashion tip #2: When traveling, pick up some indigenous jewelery. Puka shells have actually never gone out of style.

Quick Fashion tip #3: Fit is EVERYTHING, as you can clearly see, so don't be afraid to show some skin.

The timer was set perfectly on this shot.

Pants: BOSS $140
Shirt: Gravewear Goth Co. $55.50
Shoes: Diesel $135
Men's choker & Bracelet: Swap Meet $7
Hat: Some girl who sells stuff from her grandma's attic on Etsy $150

The Second Ensemble

Nice-casual is gaining in popularity. This look is perfect for that date you have been looking forward to all week. You're gonna make heads turn.

Quick Fashion tip #4: Show everyone your manly side by showing off your hairy chest...AND your hairy stomach.

Quick Fashion tip #5: Sure, it might be a moderate 70 degrees outside but don't you dare forget that scarf. It's the perfect accessory.

Quick Fashion tip #6: You can never go wrong with VIN-TAGE. You better make that trip to Savers ASAP!

Shirt: Bloomingdale's $160
Jeans: True Religion $202
Scarf: Nordy's $70
Shoes: Vintage designer shoes $275
Best of PS Record: Saver's $0.99

The Third Ensemble

He's all about looking classy.

Quick Fashion tip #7: Having a skilled tailor is a must. It seems like the Guyanese tailor who made this suit knew what he was doing and was making a statement; Invert the French pleats then taper and shorten the sleeves.

Quick Fashion tip #8: Borrow (steal) one of your grandma's hats. Or take it from someone else's grandma.

Amazing! Peruvian tie, Guyanese suit, and NCT polo. Someone knows how to look sharp.

Suit: Berbice Menswear $1,200 (Guyanese)
Shirt: National Comedy Theatre $90 (This is an exclusive shirt. Not just anybody can get one)
Tie: Peruvian Llama $75
Shoes: Vintage Designer Shoes $Let's face it, you just can't afford it
Hat: "Borrowed"

A big thanks to Heath for being so "GQ." He's fabulous, no?

Emily Wilcock