Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Deep Rich Tones

Dear Blog,

I'm glad that you guys enjoyed the last post. Heath is truly remarkable, isn't he?

But now, on a completely unrelated, polar topic I must share with you a song. It has been popping into my mind quite a lot this past year and it has been a source of peace as I learn a lot about myself, life, and love. It is a song so beautiful it makes me close my eyes and sway while it melts away my troubles. I hope you all will take the time to listen to it, for me.

Piano aside, the cello could very well be my favorite instrument. The tones it can make are so rich, both the high and the low, and they seep into your soul, especially in this Bach Prelude.

I really don't think life would be the same without music and I have realized I have not been listening to it like I used to. I mean really listening to it and doing nothing else but focusing on the melody, harmonies, and feelings (Am I the only one that does that?). I'm thinking that this is what I'll be doing during Juni's nap times from now on.

Emily Wilcock


  1. This is a wonderful little piece by Johann Sebastian Bach. I looked it up on Wikipedia and they think it was written around 1720 or a little before. This is the main thing I am amazed about the classics. Almost 290 years later, and people are still moved by its music. I will doubt the Beatles or other rock-n-roll greats with have the same impact on as many people in 300 years.

  2. I like the cello a lot, but I absolutely love the clarinet. This is my favorite classical piece:

    And just for fun, I think you might think this is amazing!