Wednesday, May 12, 2010

GG - at the grocery store

Dear Blog,

Do you happen to have a plastic grocery bag full of grocery bags perhaps under one of your sinks? If you're like me you intend to use them as trash bags but they come in faster than they go out. So, you end up having to throw them away. You can recycle them now which is a better option but have you ever considered using reusable bags? Whenever I use them I just set them right next to the front door so the next time I go to my car I bring them with me and store in the trunk. That way spontaneous shopping can occur. Please allow me share with you my 3 main reasons why using reusable grocery bags are a very happy alternative.

I'm not trying to endorse any specific grocery store (I actually prefer another)

#1-No plastic needed to be made or thrown away
#2-No plastic bags piling up under the sink
#3-reusable bags are sturdier than plastic and can be carried on your shoulder.
This means no need to double bag heavy items, holds more groceries in each bag,
and much easier to carry groceries in from your car spot,
up the stairs to your apartment while holding your baby all in one trip
(this last one is very specific to me. Can you tell?)

Well, Heath and I didn't stop there. Who doesn't love to fill their cart with fresh produce? We do. But although we were saving plastic by forgoing grocery bags, we were still using a lot of plastic produce bags. So we did this...

Produce bags made of either mesh or muslin. My mom helped me make mine but they are very easy. The mesh works well for the cashier to easily see what's inside and the muslin allows us to buy bulk rice, beans, nuts, and even flour without any packaging! I have been using these for close to a month now and each time I check out I hear only praise from the employees and fellow customers for how neat, smart, cool, etc., they are.
On a side note, it was Mother's day this past Sunday and I just had to share what Juniper made Heath's mom for the special occasion. Those are her brush strokes with her red hand prints in the background. Heath and I had a lot of fun helping Juniper do this for her Grammy. And Tutu, you know you would have received one too if it wasn't so last minute (you understand this right?) and didn't take so long to mail. Juni loves her grandmothers and I love them too.

Anyway, good luck with your switch from plastic to reusable grocery bags. It is way easier than you think. Thanks for reading!


Emily Wilcock


  1. Now I know where the mesh that is in Maddie's room came from. Would you like it back to make more?

  2. Okay, so I tried sending this in a personal message on facebook, but it wouldn't work for me ... so here we are ...

    Hey! Sorry I've disconnected since our last conversation! It was indeed very helpful to talk to you that time though. I have been studying/listening to an online hypnobirthing program I subscribed to (though not nearly as frequently as I would like) - but I wondered if I could take you up on borrowing your materials too! I think it would help me to flip through the book.

    I can drop by sometime to pick it up, or however you would like to do it! When are you usually home?

    Hope all is well!
    (How is Juniper? Has her sleep, etc. gotten better? - Hope so!)

    (do you still have my phone number? I believe I still have yours) Let me know if you need it again.