Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Esteban Martín" as the Spanish Might Say it

Please note that I wrote this on Saturday night but obviously haven't posted it until Monday.

Dear Blog,

Anyone who knows Heath well knows that his idol is Steve Martin. Personally, I don't get it but that is why I'm not doing improv comedy on the weekends and Heath is. Over these past couple of years, I have really learned to respect Steve Martin for his talent and accomplishments, thanks to a lot of education from my sweetie. Anywho, my heart was softening for this gray-haired oldie until the other day when Heath and I had a conversation that went something like this...

Emily: "If you had to choose between me and Steve Martin, who would you choose?" (Yes, I really asked this and I realize this is one of those girly, wifey, hypothetical questions that puts the man/husband in an uncomfortable position.)

Heath: "If I had to choose between you and one night with Steve Martin? I would definitely choose you."

Emily: "One night, huh? What if it was more? Like..."

Heath: "Like being best friends with Steve Martin or marrying you?"

Emily: "Yeah! If you had to choose between marrying me and being best buds with Steve Martin, which would you choose?"

Heath: Pauses for a short moment and makes a face "I would choose Steve Martin."

Emily: Gasp!

Heath: "I would even marry him if I didn't have to be romantically involved."

Emily: "WHAT! I can't believe you just said that!"


About 30 minutes has passed because I have been searching the Internet without much success for Heath's favorite picture of Steve Martin. I just came across a web site that has some of his most memorable quotes. It is almost midnight on Saturday night and Heath is currently at NCT taking notes on tonight's shows and getting ready to leave for home. So, I thought I would text him one of those quotes just to make him smile...

Emily to Heath sent at 11:27 pm: " 'A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.' "

Heath to Emily sent at 11:29 pm: "I've never been so attracted to you than from that text."

...Not sure whether to feel sad or happy because I think I have found Heath's weakness...

I must get going now. I've spent too much time online tonight. Au revoir!!!

Emily Wilcock

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  1. i've never been more in love with heath that tonight!