Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dear Blog,

Juniper has grown up this past week!!!

First, she can crawl...

She really doesn't enjoy it and she is usually whining when she is crawling.

Second, she can dance...

She always bobs her head when music starts. Sometimes she just bobs her head in silence and I like to think she's dancing to a song that got stuck in her head.

Third, She can walk...Really she can!

She's been taking little steps here and there but it was very sporadic and wasn't really walking. But now. Now, she can cross the room if she wants to get to the other side. And as you can see in the video, watching her walk is much more exciting than folding the laundry.

Another thing she just started to do last week is sit up on her own. I feel like that milestone has been long overdue. But I guess it evens out for how quickly she has picked up walking. It is definitely her preferred mode of transportation over crawling.

Little Juniper is really growing up!

Emily Wilcock


  1. if i didn't have a ticket to phoenix already, i would have been booking one faster than juniper walked across that floor! she is so adorable! i can't wait to squeeze her, dance with her and just have fun with her - along with the rest of the gang!
    holding her dress so daintily was sooo cute!

  2. WOW!! she's so big already!! That's awesome!

  3. She's had a busy week it seems!!:)I am very jealous of mom. I want to come play with Juni...Jocelyn does too. Hopefully we will be able to come sooner than later!! Love you guys!

  4. Her dancing is great! I love the arm swing. What was she trying to do with her hands and arms? Some sort of weave or wave? Isn’t that some a Shabadoo move? Love it. Look forward seeing you guys this next Sunday.

  5. Are you kidding me?! Can she be any cuter?! If I didn't have one of my own coming along at the moment, I would steal your baby. ;)

  6. Oh my goodness! I love her! She is so adorable. I love the end of that last video where she actually grabbed the camera.