Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dear Blog,

So, I had my first grease fire in the kitchen. But before I give you the details I just want to say make sure you read recipe directions carefully and strictly adhere to them.

I decided to make fried chicken. Deep fried chicken. I have never done it before. I also decided to make a yummy German potato salad. Also, I something I have never made. Needless to say I got in way over my head. I thought I could improvise with some things and well, I made some dumb decisions. Don't ask me why I thought it was a good idea to put the lid on the pot with the oil and decide to heat it on high. At the time it seemed reasonable. Then I got distracted with the potatoes. They were over cooked, dang it! After letting the taters settle I looked over to see that the oil was definitely too hot. I took it of the heat, turned on the overhead fan and thought this is going to be smokey. I lifted up the lid and a pillow of smoke rose out of the pan. About 2.5 seconds after I removed the lid there was a loud WOOSH! and the pot was up in flames. Then a series of thoughts rushed through my mind, "FIRE! Grease fire! What do I do!!! Can't use water. Must snuff it out. Put the lid back on!"

And there it was. The fire had gone as soon as it came. Then the smoke detector went off and we were all coughing. I took Juni into her room and shut the door while Heath opened up all the windows and turned on the fans. It wasn't serious at all. Nothing was burned but my ego. The house still smells like burnt oil. After the smoke had cleared and we got everything cleaned up I realized the potato salad was not salvageable. Then Heath said, "Well, looks like I'm gonna have to go get some burritos." So Heath left to pick up some dinner while I put Juniper down for the night. It turned out to be a yummy and easy meal.

But there still some chicken in the fridge that needs to be used. Would I be crazy to say that I still want to fry them? Perhaps I'll give it one more shot.

Here is one of the most exciting videos that I have posted! Juni isn't walking yet but I think I will count these as some of Juni's first steps.

I love Heath's laugh at the end. And speaking of Heath, he has posted some more stories. Go read them!

Emily Wilcock


  1. ohmygosh! i get to squeeze her in exactly one month!

  2. I am so glad you didn't get hurt! And smart thinking to put the lid back on...I would have totally thrown water on it and burned off my eyebrows or something! Oh, and Juni is a chunka chunka!! I want to squeeze her!

  3. that is so scary! good quick thinking though. and that video is adorable!

  4. Oh girl, I'm so glad everything panned out! Grease fires scare me so bad...i always forget is it flour of baking soda? or neither?