Monday, January 24, 2011

I STILL Wish I Lived "Back Then..."

Dear Blog,

When Heath and I got married, there was something he did not know about me yet. This thing makes him laugh and go a little crazy. He also realized I am happiest when embracing this... um...trait of mine.

To put it simply I am an old lady.

More than one person has told me I have an "old soul" and I sincerely take that as a compliment. One of those who gave me that description was always amazed that at my then age of 20 I knew so many old songs and music artists from the 60's, 70's, 80's, old standards and singers, not to mention classical and a little bit of that old jazz. And it is so great having a record player. There is something about the crackle that makes me nostalgic for a time in which I never lived.

As shown in my previous post, I have this affinity to 1920's hair styles. I wish I had finger waves in my hair every day, but my new 'do is a close second.

I know that I probably seem no different than the next girl. I mean, the "vintage trend" is very present. But, really, I love it. I love that I can get an old dress from a thrift store or a cute cloche hat and can be genuinely me and fashionable for a few dollars. Besides, I love that so many other women (and men) appreciate the qualities and charm of something old. And it's green. YAY!

The first year of our marriage I would always be home from school and work by the late afternoon and I would start cooking dinner for us so it would be ready when Heath got home (I was such a good wifey. Too bad I no longer hold this particular quality). Every night while cooking I would turn on the TV and watch one of my favorite shows since I was a child, Wheel of Fortune. Heath would walk in the door to me yelling at the screen, "HOME SWEET HOME LOAN! HOME SWEET HOME LOAN! Come on!!!"

The Charming Pat Sajak

"You're such an old lady!" Heath would say as he dropped his head back and scrunched his face. Another favorite since I was young, The Price Is Right. I still have a dream of being on one (or both) of these game shows.

Wish Bob Barker was still there.

I love love love board games and I love puzzles even more. So, I bought myself a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle for a little belated birthday treat the other day. I finished it in less than 24 hours because I was enjoying it so much. Tonight, Heath confessed to me, "You're just like Aunt Theresa. I married Aunt Theresa!!!"

I just can't imagine how old I will be when my body is old too. Maybe it will be like a Benjamin Button thing, though that may be worse. Can you imagine an 80 year old who likes 104.7 KISS FM? Also, I wonder if I was born 50 years earlier would I be interested in the current times or wish I lived in the 19th century? Does anyone else think of such things?

Food for (not much) thought...

Emily Wilcock


  1. No, I totally know what you mean! Although I hadn't taken that particular train of thought clear to the Benjamin Button station. And I go back and forth between thinking I should have been born in the 60's and the 16th century!

  2. I think about it sometimes. I think the thing I wish the most about though is how much safer it was for kids to go out and play back then. Maybe not so much in major cities, but compared to today (or how it will be in the future) it's insane how unsafe it is now!

  3. You are so cute Emily! I cannot wait till I'm an old lady and I can get away with wearing fake fruit on my hat.