Wednesday, March 23, 2011

June Bug

Dear Blog,

Do you know how goofy my baby is? If you don't then see photos below.

I think it's possible I subconsciously facilitate this kind of behavior in her.

These were all taken about 2 months ago.

Clearly she doesn't dress herself yet so I'm the one who made her look like this but it wasn't deliberate. And she was so joyful and playful in it that it seemed as though she preferred to be dressed this way.

Have you ever seen such a cheeky profile? I love kissing those cheeks!

These pictures are just cute.

Now, if you want to see Juniper in action you must watch this video. But skip to 1:30. The beginning part she isn't doing much.

Anyway, that's it! I know I'm not much of a writer the post but that's not what's special about this now is it?

Emily Wilcock


  1. seriously, i don't think she could be any cuter!!!

  2. That kissy face is SO cute! I'm so happy you got it on camera:) I totally remember when Jocelyn wore that onesie:( Our girls are growing up too fast! Miss you guys like crazy!!

  3. i love how she has to do a warm up face in order to get that amazing kissy face.

    ps. you've got to put a video up here of "the tree!!!" and the toro. i love it when kids do tricks.