Monday, April 4, 2011

"Ma cousine et moi nous amusons bien!"

Dear Blog,

Juniper got to play with her cousin Maddie! Maddie and Juni are about 3 months apart but they are very different

Juni has short, chunky legs. Maddie has long skinny legs.
Juni has curly hair. Maddie has straight hair.
Juni has blue eyes. Maddie has brown eyes.
Juni has always been high strung. Maddie has always been easy-going.
Juni is a picky, light eater. Maddie is a very good eater (though their body types would say otherwise).

Juni is nearly a head shorter

Juni looks up to her cousin. Literally and figuratively.

Juni shares her favorite chair and the girls watch a movie. This sum is definitely cuter than its two parts.

I'd say that the only thing they have in common is this:


I love the triumphant ending.

Who wants to go dancing? Anyone?


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  1. ohmygosh!!! i can't wait to see those girls and dance with them! they are adorable beyond measure!!!