Thursday, May 19, 2011

Is something going around?

Dear blog,

Something very foreign has been happening over here in the Wilcock home. We've been sick. It's nothing serious, thank goodness. As mentioned before we were sick about a month ago with some 24 hour stomach flu and last week Heath and Juni started getting some congestion.

On Saturday, Juniper just whimpered, slept and barely ate a thing. Every time she coughed she cried because it hurt her. She could only fall asleep on my chest so I didn't get much done either.

I took this picture with my phone while stuck on the couch with Juniper. She looked so sad and so sweet

She's feeling better now but her cough still sounds awful and sounds like a purring kitten when she breathes.

As for me, I woke up with a sour stomach on Tuesday morning and had multiple runs to the toilet and sink and the nausea stayed around the entire day. Thumbs down. So I was mostly stuck on the couch again. And now today I've started sneezing and I can feel the sore throat and runny nose pushing it's way out.

Again, I know that this is like the low-grade illness stuff we're going through here but this just hasn't happened before and especially with 2 separate incidences so close together. OK, I'll stop my complaining. Our sufferings at the moment are so minimal I need to be grateful that it's nothing more and that we are quite healthy. Hope all of you are doing well. Much love...



  1. i'm sad you're sick...i hope all of you feel better soon. i'm looking forward to seeing you in a week and a half!

  2. Oh I'm so sorry. Love and miss you. Xoxoxo