Friday, May 6, 2011


Dear Blog,

Though there is a possibility of unconsciously forcing my own interests onto Juniper, I swear she did this on her own. I'm getting a hint of 1920's.

She loves to put every piece of fabric she finds on her head and apparently she is getting really good at it (in fact, at this very moment she took a washcloth from the laundry pile and is walking around the house as if she's holding it like a book on her head). I'm happy to see her already embracing her [mother's?] sense of style.


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  1. That is so cute. Where did you get that headband anyway? Since warm weather is approaching I'd like to switch from beanies to headbands for Alice - but since I'm going back to work in about a week I don't have time to make them for her... Any suggestions?!? Love you ems