Monday, December 26, 2011

2nd annual Very "Kerri" Christmas

Dear Blog,
Before I post about our Christmas (which was awesome, by the way) here is the lovely Kerri's house all spiffed up for the holidays.

 One of my favorite of Kerri's crafts this year. Love the buttons.
 So this doll represents me as I am holding "Juni." Apparently I am also the evil elf. Emily the Evil Elf
 Her abundant Anthro DIY snowglobes. They were fun to make, or so I heard.

 Juniper Lucy with Lucy the pug.
 The cracker jar/toadstool version of the Anthro snowglobe.

 Cutest Christmas garland ever!

 Anthro copied paper Christmas trees.

 This is one of the new decorations she added this year. Santa and Mrs. Claus with Rudolph and Co.

Is Juni the luckiest girl or what? Thank you Kerri for always making Christmas extra special (and for being the best gift giver ever!!!)

Merry Christmas!!!


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  1. Holy Incredible!!!!! I can never get over the things your mother-in-law does ... AMAZING. Those snow globes are a great idea & those paper trees are really great - love the texture to those. And her button tree! All of it is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!