Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tiny Living

Dear blog,

Have you heard about the tiny house movement? I am really digging it. I first came across a tiny house about a year ago that a family of 4 uses as a cabin which led me to Tumbleweed Houses . Ever since then I have been making plans in the back of my mind to build a tiny house on a trailer to take camping. Heath likes the idea too.

Before learning about this movement I was planning on having a smaller than average house. I think a smaller home is all around the best fit for me and for most. It uses less energy, creates less sprawl, gets you outdoors more, makes you live more efficiently and with less clutter, and is much easier to clean (my favorite part).

I came across this video the other day and the ingenuity is remarkable. So clever and yet once you see it, so obvious. Living in a place like that would force me to keep all surface clean. Of course, I do not think everyone could or should live like this, but it is definitely a smart approach to living in a highly dense city.

What do you think?



  1. I definitely think you can get by in a smaller space. After living in small apartments for three years, we've found you do prioritize what is most important.

    However, more than living in a small space I think for me it's about architectural design. The apartments we've lived in on the East Coast were designed so well that the small size doesn't matter much but when I'm in other apartments that are bigger they can often feel smaller just by how they are designed.

    Now that we're looking into buying houses in Houston, my most important want is a good design, with open spaces and no half walls. Oh heavens, I disllike half walls!!!

    1. Speaking of half walls and to further support your point... Our last apt had some and they were very bothersome. The apt was about 1000 sq ft and new and updated and the rooms were huge! But flow felt so restricted. We downsized to just over 800 sq ft and this place feels so much bigger! Yes, I agree design is imperative to living, especially with limited space. Layout plus the little details make all the difference. I always imagine that is what east coast homes are like; small yet full of character.

  2. I love that. What kind of mind can create all those ideas?

  3. I love this too, Emily. Most of the time I love our little 900sf house. It feels much bigger as the bedrooms are tiny and the living area is open. The best thing I like is it makes our lives less complicated... Less to clean! Less to decorate. Forces us to have less clutter. Encourages us to get out of the house more- especially when with other people. For example, we have only one tv in the house b/c we don't have the room anywhere else. Each room and area has a distinct purpose, making life more simple and organized. The less complicated our lives are, the better right?!