Thursday, March 25, 2010

Elle est bavarde

Dear Blog,

Juniper gets cuter every day. True, she's been fussy, but still she's fun to be around when she's in a happy mood. And can she ever gab! There are about 30 photos on this post. Why? Because I couldn't narrow them down at all. Some are a bit grainy or blurry, but it doesn't take away from her cuteness.

And April, I posted a couple videos so you can see more of her in 'real life.'

Emily Wilcock

My Favorite!

This would have been a good Olan Mills shot.

Is she trying to make a posed cute face for the camera?

Not quite tall enough

She loves tagging along with Grandma

I give her naked time so she can move her legs since her diaper can be constricting and after a few minutes she scooted right off the diaper. She's starting to become mobile.

Good Night!


  1. Gosh she's cute! I just LOVE those chunky legs! I have been wanting to post videos, but the download never is complete. How did you get your videos on?

  2. oh she is just precious!i know what you mean about trying to narrow down the pictures and having a hard time...

    you are so sweet. thanks for your comment. it was good to see you guys at the pageant. we'll have to get our babies together sometime.

  3. Juniper is so cute! We can't wait to meet her.