Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Power of Prayer

Dear Blog,

The other day I had misplaced an important paper. It had been sitting on the counter top by the keys and wallets and I had seen it sitting there every day for a week. So when the day came that I needed it and couldn't find it I was unnerved. I had no recollection of moving it or touching it. Heath said he didn't touch it and he would know not to throw it away. I checked every place it could be about twenty times but soon we had to leave for the evening and I gave up the search (it was replaceable, don't worry).

About an hour after we left I was still being bothered by it. Heath could tell and suggested that we say a prayer. I responded by saying that I actually thought about doing that but felt stupid. I thought about those kids who, in the their short talks at church, say that one time they lost their toy and they prayed and found it. It's cute and all but I couldn't put that in my talk. Heath then says, "I did that once when I was a kid. I lost a stuffed animal and couldn't find it so I said a prayer. But I already knew where it was."


Yeah, that's what I thought. What on earth is he talking about?

"You mean you already knew where it was. Why did you pray?"

"I wanted to see if prayer worked."

I still don't see the logic behind this one but, once again, I got a good laugh.

Emily Wilcock

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  1. Heath is funny. I think you would laugh at the things I pray for. Miss you too:)