Monday, June 21, 2010

Juniper's Alter Ego

Dear Blog,

I would like you to meet Juniper's alter ego, Jasper.

Jasper was here to celebrate Father's Day with us.

Jasper is really cute but does have soft, feminine features so I don't know how well Jasper is pulling off a "Shakespeare-in-Love".

But still, whether it is Jasper or Juniper her grammy and grandpa love her just the same.

Really though, I don't know why I decided to dress Juni up as a boy for Father's Day. Perhaps I was just curious to know what it would be like to have a little boy. Or maybe because Father's day is a day honoring fathers who are men who were once boys (OK, this one doesn't make sense). Or maybe because that cute little red hat was worn by Juni's daddy when he was a baby. Well, whatever the reason was it doesn't matter. It was fun to see a different side of June bug. But, I am happy to have my little girl back today.

It was Heath's very FIRST Father's Day yesterday AND it was also his 24th birthday!!! I had a great day celebrating his special day. I love you, Sweetheart! Thank you for keeping me laughing (walk like a penguin, muh). Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day!!!

Celebrating Heath's 23rd Birthday last year. His attitude has improved a lot since then.

Emily Wilcock

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  1. creepy... she would even make a cute boy... you have to blackmail her with those pictures some day :)

    ps. could I get the recipe for those portobello mushroom burgers we had? henry keeps crying for them.