Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mormon Messages

Dear Blog,

I spent almost all of my free time today on the Mormon Messages page on YouTube watching many of the inspirational and spiritual videos they have. The following video was one that I needed to hear today. It is only 3 minutes long so watch it!

Life has been a bit rough lately and I know exactly what I need to do that will help everything: serve the Lord and serve those around me. Even if serving others doesn't directly impact the trials I am facing, I know they will help me cope, become closer to my Savior, and ensure that I am spiritually in tune when the answer comes. The trials in my life are not that serious but nonetheless I must have complete faith in God's power, that he will always guide me.

I always make excuses that I will visit a neighbor or write that note or call to check in on a loved one but I always decide that I will do it not today. I will do it tomorrow. I need to face my fears and insecurities and pride and do what I know is right for me to do. I need to pray daily for His help to find strength and determination to do it.

Along this note, I have recently discovered that I am not the only woman in Relief Society who feels scared to sit by someone they don't know and introduce themselves. And that I'm not the only young mother (there are a lot in my ward) who feels so alone on the weekday mornings and afternoons with no girlfriend to talk to and yet are worried that they will inconvenience another young mommy by calling them at a bad time. So we all just sit in our apartments dying for another (girl) adult to come over and talk to and never realize our neighbor is feeling the exact same thing! When I realized this I made a list of other women in the ward who were most likely in the same boat as me and I said I was going to call them up and invite them over for lunch.

...But again, I put it off and before I knew it a month went by.

I know with the help of daily prayer I can build strength to overcome this and other challenges and choose this day what I will do. This day. Right now.


A Very Spiritual Emily Wilcock

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