Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independence Day (with Will Smith & Jeff Goldblum)

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No, I did not spend my 4th of July with Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum, but I just couldn't resist adding them in the title. Since celebrities and fighting aliens were not fitting into our plans Heath, Juniper and I were lucky enough to go to Eager instead to spend the holiday with some of Heath's relatives. It was a wonderful time and the weather was perfect. It was the kind of summer weather I've always wanted: warm sun, cool breeze.
We started out the day by going to the 4th of July Parade on Main Street. I have not been to a parade in years and as pointless as a parade may be, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Juniper was absolutely absorbed. She didn't make a peep!

My favorite float was this RV that had political messages on butcher paper taped all over it. And it was pulling behind it a trailer with a very big long range gun. Small towns love there guns. I wondered how people there would react if there was a float by some Young Democrats (if there are any) at the local high school. Maybe the float could be the color blue with donkeys all over it and a sign saying, "We've had enough of McCain. Vote Democrat Rodney Glassman as Arizona's Senator." I bet it wouldn't go over to well.

These characters were too well posed to pass up a quick snapshot of them. I secretly wish I got to know them and hear their story because they seemed like wanderers. The idea of Alexander Supertramp does appeal to me on some level and so do these people.

The evenings were serene, made up of cool air, golden sunlight, food and conversation spent outdoors, just how summer nights should be. Mesa summers mean hibernation so this was a very welcome change.

Juniper in front of an Alligator Juniper Tree. I've been waiting for this picture for some time now.

That night we went to the old golf course in town to watch the fireworks, which I was impressed with, especially for a small town. I was not sure how June bug would take the show. She is very sensitive to loud noises but is always drawn in to sights and can't look away. She did very well. She was very interested in the lights and colors but fell asleep half way through. I wasn't expecting that since she has a difficult time going to sleep if other things are going on.

We had such a fun time with Heath's family and it was great to have a breather from life in the valley heat. I hope we get to do it again next year!
Emily Wilcock

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  1. great post, emily. and juniper looks SO loved!