Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today is a Perfectly Ordinary Day

Dear Blog,

Today while I visited cjane enjoy it (I know virtually all of us have been to her blog so I probably don't need to put a link there but just in case you haven't, there you go) I noticed the quote on her header by Anais Nin. It says, "We write to taste life twice, once in the moment and once in retrospection." I'm sure most of you have noticed it too but today I actually thought about it. I consider myself a very nostalgic person so I feel I really know what this quote was talking about. Anyway, I decided to read my past blog posts. I only got to March. More specifically I only got to this post. The video really doesn't get old at all and I shed tears again. I love it. Then I realized seeing that was quite apropos. Today is July 1st, meaning the 7th month-iversary of Juniper's birth. Nothing significant to others, I know, but now she is on the down slump of her first year. The video was such a lovely reminder that time goes so fast and to enjoy these ordinary days. I am thinking of making that video a part of my daily morning routine so I can start out each day wanting to soak in the moment.

Here is a fun video to celebrate this special day...

Yes, that is John Denver playing in the background. I have been on a John Denver kick for the past couple weeks. His music makes me wish I was Marty Stouffer, or at least watching Wild America (the TV show, not the movie with JTT).

I am glad to say I am very happy that today is definitely a perfectly ordinary day.

Emily Wilcock

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