Monday, October 4, 2010

I Guess I Can Draw

Dear Blog,

Sorry about the big gaps between posts. It has been busy and stressful lately and I haven't really had as much time for blogging. But Juni is resting peacefully at the moment so why not take advantage of that and say hello?

I think General Conference came at the perfect moment this year. I woke up Saturday morning and "tuned" in online and it calmed my nerves immediately. I'm glad that I have passed those childhood and teenage times of mine and do currently enjoy and look forward to conference for more than just skipping church. And it is great no longer having to fight so hard to stay awake. During the Sunday afternoon session I decided to sketch Heath's portrait while listening to the speakers and I surprised myself! I am quite proud of it. See below.


For a comparison, here is Heath looking tough.

It really does look like him!!! I never thought I could do that. I am sure I'm mediocre at best. After all, I drew his face really wide and he looks like he is a wanted criminal you see on the news. Speaking of Heath and being all artsy-fartsy; Heath wrote a poem for one of his classes and he shared it with me and I absolutely love it (and guess what it's about...again). I want to share it with you because it means a lot to me.

My Daughter’s Olive Oil Crown

My daughter was born at our apartment.

Boxes boxes boxes

We made it just in time.

She made the sounds of a tugboat.

Barooo barooo barooo

My daughter was close to the hands dock.

Olive oil! The midwife said.

We have some! I said.

Prepare garlic prepare shallots prepare daughter?

Beans again I say.

We’ll have cheese and fish she says,

Until then I’ll heat the beans in olive oil.

The midwife spreads olive oil

On birth’s opened door.

She’ll slide supreme she says.

My daughter’s head meets our

Boxes boxes boxes

Blessing: olive oil on her crown.

by Heath Wilcock

Now, if you are anything like me you prefer to have an explanation to things like this. If you would like the interpretation then read on, if not then jump to the next paragraph. First off, we moved into our apartment 6 weeks before Juniper came and we hadn't really settled in until that day. It can be strange to use olive oil for something other than cooking up food. So using it for a baby? Hmmm... Fish and cheese seem like celebratory foods for us but in this region both of those yummy things are not cheap. For us poor student parents, beans are really all we can afford at the moment.

Now, the last line, the best line, is what I find so wonderful. Not because of it's obvious symbolism, but because Heath didn't even intend for those words to happen, they just did. That is what is so wonderful about the creative process and Heath's mind. That it organically unfolds unknowingly into something so profound and lovely. I am very happy his creative artsy side is rubbing off on me, because I do not think I could have drawn that picture without him.


Emily Wilcock


  1. Holy smokes, put me in khaki cargo shorts and move me to Eagar with that goatee.

  2. haha that drawing DOES look like a wanted poster. BUT... its accurate. hehe
    and Unfortunately, i DID fall asleep the last 2 talks for conference. (i guess, the secret to not falling asleep is drawing a portrait of the husband. I'll keep that in mind for April);p

    That poem is really good. I like the last line as well. Something to keep for sure. (both the poem & drawing, of course)