Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Does Your Baby "Pica?"

Dear Blog,

Juniper is a paper eater. But perhaps not by choice. You see, I make and keep "paper messes." It's a trait I inherited from my mother. Since Juni puts everything thing in her mouth and there are paper stacks throughout the apartment, she's bound to eat paper some time.

This story has nothing to do with my paper messes, but about Juniper's chronic paper eating. Receipts are may be the easiest to find and hide. One time I saw the corner of a playing card in her poop! It's funny how things can pass through our digestive system unscathed.

There is a basket full of bonnets and hair bows in Juni's room that is on a little chair that Juni can reach. There is a set of six bows that I have always kept on it's original cardboard holder. That way the little things are easier to find. It's something Juniper always enjoys playing with should she get into that basket. One day I found the cardboard bow holder in a hidden corner of the living room and it looked like this:

I had a creeping suspicion just where that missing piece could be. Sure enough, the next day as I was spraying Juni's dirty diaper in the toilet the missing piece rolled right off the cloth and into the bowl. I couldn't help but laugh and think "[what] once was lost but [now] is found" seemed to be the perfect soundtrack to that moment.

Emily Wilcock

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