Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Weather Has Changed

Dear Blog,

Last weekend turned out to be a great one. We were initially disappointed that we couldn't join Heath's family to spend Columbus day up in Eager but we enjoyed ourselves anyway. Heath didn't have as much homework as he normally does so we were able to go on a picnic and watch a movie. We also got to visit with one of my uncles that was in town. I hadn't seen him in 10 years! He's got some interesting stories.

Here are some pictures of our little picnic.

The face Juniper is making in this picture we call "the bulldog." We're thinking she has an underbite just like her daddy did.

Haha, can you see her face in this one? She was probably screaming with excitement.

She was so excited to walk around that her head would be ahead of the rest of her body and her feet could barely keep up.

It was Juni's second picnic but the first time we went with her she was about 2 or 3 months so she didn't really notice or enjoy the change of scenery as much.

I have to include this picture because Juni looks so different. She looks like a towhead and my mom's side of the family.

We also watched a wedding. It was lovely day for a wedding.

I made some really yummy black bean burgers and oven fries and chocolate chip cookies. I could eat that meal every day. Very filling. (Heath and I have realized that not grocery shopping for a month really helps your creativity and you end up eating really yummy food as long as you have the basics; eggs, milk, flour, sugar, etc. It's amazing the kind of diversity we have been getting.)

This weekend has been a breath of fresh air, both literally and figuratively. It feels like the Phoenix valley is waking up from there long summer hibernation and I'm looking forward to spending more time outside.

Emily Wilcock


  1. This looks so fun! I wish Seattle weather was that nice right now :( But we do have the beautiful leaves and trees to make up for it! By the way, we are coming for Christmas from the 22nd to the 1st, so we need to hang out!

  2. You're right - she is starting to look different! I wonder if it was the summer sun that is making her hair look lighter... or if she's just growing up and changing. She's adorable.