Saturday, December 25, 2010

Have Yourself a Very Kerri Christmas...

Dear Blog,

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Kerri (my mother-in-law) has done it again. She has really outdone herself but everyone enjoys the feeling it creates in her home. Juniper is always excited when we come over and there is plenty for her to look at and be entertained with. So here they are, the pictures displaying her lovely, one-of-a-kind domicile.

So I am by no means a professional (obviously) but I had a hard time not getting such yellow pictures or having light fixtures totally overpower the shot. You'll see what I mean. I use Kerri's Canon Rebel T1i. Anyone know how to fix that?

The front entry way...

Again incorporating old family photos into the decor

The living room...

I love how the tree is decorated with cute little houses and such. She's been collecting
them for quite a few years now and it's so fun to look at them all.

These elves are supposed to be me, Heath, and Juniper

The dining room...

I love the ceiling

The stairs...

Juni's little stocking

The family room...
The Nativity (Notice what's playing?)

The front of the house...

Wow! Lots of pictures!!! Don't you just love it, though?

I hope your Christmas was wonderful and that you all got to finally relax. We love you all and Happy Holidays!!!

Emily Wilcock

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