Thursday, December 23, 2010

Juniper Meets Santa (and Grandma's Christmas House Preview)

Dear Blog,

Last weekend was our Ward Christmas Brunch. Juni had a great time. It is so lovely when your child enjoys themselves so much with so little. For instance, she got to run around with other kids and explore while holding and munching on a breakfast sausage link. Yes, I know she's running with food in her mouth (but it's more like fast walking). She worked on eating that thing for a good 10 minutes or so and had a death grip on it! Once it got down to the stub I thought she wouldn't eat it and took it from her. She quickly let me know that was not what she wanted and
let out a loud and piercing scream.

But of course, the highlight was seeing Santa! And she did so well!!! I thought for sure she would cry (she doesn't like very much to be held while sitting). On the contrary, however, Santa gave her a candy can and she was very calm. She was a bit hypnotized by him probably wondering what that fuzzy white stuff was on his face. No smile, just wide-eyed with mouth agape.

It wasn't until after a long stare that she looked towards me with an expression of Do you see this guy?


I'm going to post more pictures of my Mother-in-law's home. It is beautifully decked out in Christmas decor. She has a talent and it's so good I've just got to share it with you. Because everyone should partake in this and it's not fair if we keep it from you. Until I get the pictures loaded onto my computer here is a small taste from last year's Christmas so you can begin to anticipate.

Christmas Eve is tomorrow, Yeah!

Emily Wilcock

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