Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One Year Ago Today....

Dear Blog,

Exactly one year ago today I went into to labor with my first child. That's right! Juniper Lucy is 1 year old!!! Holy crap! Isn't that just so exciting??? Well, it is for me.

We're going to party on Saturday!!!

I've made the party hats, the suckers and candies, and the practice cake. I've also made her a cute little birthday dress to match her party hat. I must say I have felt pretty creative and crafty. I never thought I could. I think with my mom's mad sewing skills and Kerri's inspiration have rubbed off on me and my confidence levels have risen to just go for it! Anyways, I'm probably talking this party up too much.

Enough about the party. Let me tell you about my little birthday girl.

-She gets funnier every day
-She still only has one tooth!
-She loves playing "bull" "I'm gonna get you" and "peek-a-boo"
-She's still a terrible sleeper
-She's a people person
-She loves attention
-She loves to dance! She's got some rhythm
-She gabs all day long
-She enjoys looking at herself in the mirror
-One of her favorite expressions is "Opa!" while bobbing her head up and down (I should get this one on video)
-She has become very cuddly
-She loves to reading time before bed. Reading books also helps calm her down if she's screaming for no apparent reason
-She's just an ordinary 1 year old who is absolutely extraordinary to me!

I love you, my little June bug. Here's to a good 2nd year.

Momma Wilcock


  1. Happy Birthday Juniper! You are such a cutie! xx

  2. hau'0li la hanau-happy birthday my darling little Juniper Lucy!!!!!

  3. She is beautiful! She's got your big pretty eyes!