Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding: The Day After

I just have one quick bone to pick. I hate my camera. It has never been what I wanted it to be. I know this is a bit harsh for you, Ms. Fujifilm, but I bought you quickly and without much money. But you have finally gotten under my skin enough to make me shout, "YOU ARE ALWAYS GRAINY!!!" I look forward to the day I have the guts (aka money) to leave you for the dashing DSLR. But until then I give up, you win, I have no control.

Dear Blog,

Yesterday morning, my dear brother's wife, Sarah, extended to me an invitation to pay her a visit at her desert cottage to view the royal wedding on the BBC. I put on my hat, gloves, and jewelery as quick as I could say dog's bullocks and was on my way. Three of Sarah's charming friends (whom are never a bore) came along as well. It was so lovely. Sarah had made delicious cucumber sandwiches and we all had a roaring time together.

OK, that's enough of my poor attempt to sound British, and besides it took way too long. I actually was really excited for this and busted out some old hats and gloves I acquired from Heath's family. It was awesome! (And much more subdued as Princess Beatrice's topper.)

I dressed Juni up in her Sunday best as well.

My final thoughts were that there was definitely a fairytale quality to the whole wedding and I loved every moment and I thought Kate fit the role of princess seamlessly. I can't wait for Prince "Cheeky" Harry to get married, though I know it won't be as grande.

God Save the Queen!



  1. It was fun. Let's think of a reason to get together again. Oh, and let's bring hats to Maricopa County.

  2. You are my hero for having all of those hats and dressing up.