Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

Dear Blog,

It is nearly midnight and I just couldn't go to bed without wishing every one a Happy Earth Day!

Click on the picture...I dare you

I want to say that this post was delayed until nearly the day after Earth Day because Heath took it with him to work and school all day to finish homework. But to be honest, your wanna-be tree huggers didn't even realize it was Earth Day until earlier this evening when my MIL called me up to say she made Juniper a cute little outfit for the occasion. I know, how sad...I mean the not knowing part. It's awesome Juni has such an awesome Grammy (You're awesome too, Tutu!).

Earth is beautiful and I love it and I pray that we all may take care of it so our children can enjoy it as well for many more generations. Now let us all go watch WALL-E.

Emily Wilcock

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