Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Going Green is More Than a Trend

Dear Blog,

Most people who know Heath and I well know that we do a few things that are "green." For instance, Juniper wears cloth diapers and we use a water filter instead of bottled water. There are a few other things we do to help our Earth but of course it isn't nearly enough.

A couple weeks ago we watched the documentary No Impact Man. If you haven't heard of it, it is about a writer who lives in New York City with his wife and small child who decides to live without impacting the environment for a year. That means no packaging, buying only used merchandise if needed, no trash, no toilet paper, no public transportation and even no electricity. It seems virtually impossible to do any of those these days and yet he did it along with his family and in NYC no less. It was definitely inspiring to Heath and me.

One thing they did to make transitioning easier was by going in phases. They didn't just do everything at once. I think that's why we all think living no impact is good but never go through with it. Where do you start? But start we must. Heath and I started with simply foregoing paper towels.

Though we don't plan on making absolutely no impact (how can we in AZ where a car is a must to get around) we want to lighten our impact considerably. So I thought I can share with those who read this blog what we do or will be doing to go greener, and why we do it. I want to debunk the assumption that going so green is so hard and inconvenient that it will make personal life suck. If you find merit in our experiences then try it out (if you need help or more tips let me know). And though there are few readers of this blog, maybe if you change one habit, another will notice and follow. So, let's give it a go!

Who's with me?!

Emily Wilcock


  1. I'm with you and I look forward to the tips! My friend Kelly gave me a great book called "Gorgeously Green" and I really like it. I'm going to have to get you a copy too!

  2. i will make a conscience effort every day to do something 'green' till eventually it's a habit. that is my pledge.

  3. Abe and I saw the preview for this documentary and I really want to see it. I think that going green in phases is the only way too! I really want to decrease the amount of paper towels we go through...so that is my pledge!