Monday, April 5, 2010

Joyeuses Paques {aka Happy Easter}

Dear Blog,

I have noticed that Holidays have changed in both good and bad ways since Juniper's arrival. The good change is that holidays seem sweeter and more meaningful. The bad change is that special Holidays go by way too fast to fully enjoy them, especially now that they're greater with June. I want to be able to sit and breath it all in but I'm mostly just running around without getting anything done to enrich it. Luckily, I have loved ones who have filled in the traditional stuff this year. I plan on getting my act together to pitch in more next year.

To start off Easter this year I should add that my mom came to town all the way from Maui. She blessed my life by giving me 3 full nights of sleep while she tended to Juniper as she is not sleeping through the night yet. It was my full night of sleep since at least 1 month before Juniper was born (I would always have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night late in my pregnancy). Juniper and Tutu Kona enjoyed each other's company and I enjoyed catching up on some much needed house work, though I'm far from done.

Juniper and Tutu Kona
(FYI-Tutu is Hawaiian for Grandma and Kona is Alikona as in Hawaiian for Allison)

The fam went to the Easter Pageant. I loved it. I always do. And I miss being on stage, particularly the Angel stage. There's nothing like having the story of Jesus' life told to you every night for 3 weeks straight. That's why being in the pageant is so great.

My Aunties Heather and Jennifer, and Jennifer's 3 girls came to visit us. And while they were here all the kiddies (we missed Jocelyn!) enjoyed an Easter egg hunt and we had a yummy brunch.

The Cousinhood of the Traveling Diaper

On Easter, Heath and I watched conference and lounged around the house most the day. For dinner we went to Heath's family's for a simple yet scrumpcious dinner. I even got an Easter basket!!! Thank you Kerri!

Misplaced her bunny ears, but daddy had this great idea

So, there is our special holiday. Hope yours was special too!

Emily Wilcock

Juniper dit, "Joyeuses Paques!"


  1. Love the pictures Smems! I'm sure Jocelyn would have loved to have been there with all her cute cousins!! Juniper looks SO beautiful in that bonnet too! Love you sister!

  2. Emily, Juniper looks beautiful! She looks happy too, good job mama.