Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hot, Chaud, Caliente, heet, heiß, горяче, حارّة, 熱

Dear Blog,

Yesterday I picked Heath up from work. We were both starving so he decided to take me to one of his favorite Apache Junction Mexican joints: Los Favoritos Taco Shop. When we pulled up I noticed a large sign above the little restaurant that said, "NOW AIR CONDITIONED."


...Only just now?

You mean to tell me that it's 2010 and you just now got air conditioning? Isn't that abuse? Those poor workers. Air conditioning is probably the only "want" in AZ that is actually a necessity. It's like living in a cold, icy weather sans heat. Without it, your life is LES MISERABLES!Fortunately, there is only about another month or so of hot summer heat here. I hope an especially cold winter is coming up.

Despite their delayed advances, Los Favoritos' tacos were very greasy and yummy. If you are ever on Apache Trail West of Ironwood give them a try.

Emily Wilcock

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