Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Juniper's Favor Pastime

Dear Blog,

Here is more Juniper. I am sorry I usually default to using videos as a post. It is difficult to write interesting things so often so it's easy to fall back on videos because they are quick and easy. I don't know if anyone else enjoys watching these as much as me.

These were recorded a few weeks ago and at the rate she's going, people say she'll be walking in a month or two. YIKES! She is about 8 1/2 months right now. When do you think she'll start walking?

Emily Wilcock


  1. i LOVE all the videos, it's the only way i can see that cute little munchkin in action! keep 'em coming, emily!
    she will walk before she's a year old, for sure, but i bet she just starts out running though!

  2. I love her. Plain annd simple. she is dreamy.

  3. Great videos Smems! Juniper is just so adorable and her little voice is too cute! Jocelyn was walking at 10 1/2 months, so she will definitely be walking by then too!! She will keep you on your toes:)

  4. i think she is so cute! that is majorly impressive that she can pull herself up like that. i don't think i can even do that. my guess is walking in 4 weeks.

  5. after talking to grandma today, about these particular videos, grandma said 'that's juniper's great GREAT grandmother's dresser'. how fun is that?!? i'm glad you have that dresser, emily!