Thursday, August 5, 2010


This is quite a long post.

Dear Blog,

Lately, I have been having a hard time thinking of things to tell you on the blog. I have had the time to write but my mind seems to be deflated. Jill, you asked to see some pictures of Juniper's room and that seemed like a great idea to fall back on. I was meaning to show Juni's room when it was completely finished but I don't think that will happen. So here you are...

I am thinking about taking down that accordion rack and putting up those Disney records that are in the bottom corner. What do you think? I made a simple skirt around the piano just so it doesn't look so out of place being black and all. Also, see that little brown chair next to it? That used to be Heath's when he was a little boy.

I'm not to sure what to do above the closet. I would just leave it alone but we have 9 ft. ceilings and it looks so bare without anything.
As you can see the wall above her crib is plain as can be. I am still trying to figure this one out. I was going to put the records on this wall, then I was planning on putting these cute and quirky stickers from Ikea on there but neither seemed to fit. Any ideas? That little blue striped arm chair was also Heath's as a little boy.
Now for the details...
The middle piece of the boy and girl fishing was basically my inspiration for the room. Heath and I found it at Goodwill and we love how charming it is and that it has that 70's feel. At the time I was really being inspired by the nurseries that Ohdeedoh was highlighting and this fit right in. The smaller cross-stitch I also found at Goodwill. It's of a little girl knitting. The print of the Juniper branch was found in an old library book and was framed and given to us by Heath's mom. She also gave us the adorable little girl with the kitten, the "Juniper" blocks and the old fashioned roller skates.
The heart banner is gone because yours truly is a genius and Juni got a hold of it while I was changing her, she pulled it causing the skate to fall on her head. Yes, that is how she got that gash on her head. I felt awful and stupid.

The chair was also found by my MIL at an antique shop. We recovered the seat.

This is possibly my favorite piece in the whole room. This is a card bouquet that Heath gave to me on Valentine's Day when we were dating. Naturally, it was made by his mom with bamboo sticks and an assortment of Valentine's Day cards, both old and new. It's so cute and different and fits perfectly in Juniper's room.

This is my makeshift front-facing book shelf. I have wanted one but they are very expensive. Like at least $100! So I came up with this. It is an Ikea shelf ($8), a cheap curtain rod from wal-mart ($4), and some L brackets ($2). Easy and cheap! And it hold about 5 books deep, so it can hold just about the same as one bought (usually 3 tiers and 1-2 books deep). Of course, to make them all fit it is like a jigsaw puzzle. When Juniper is older we will add another one above it or something so books will be easier to take out and put back in.

I have to highlight these funny and darling metal toys. A gift from Grammy.

This lamp was an awesome find by Kerri, the Goodwill master. I was keeping my eye out for a lamp and this was precisely what I was looking for. I love it!

These sunflowers are from our wedding. They used to be in our living room before Juniper came and a friend came over one day and said, "Those sunflowers just breathe happiness." And I knew right then that my baby must see those every morning when she wakes up. That is why they are in a kind of funny spot in the room.

Juniper can sit in front of her mirror for a good 15 minutes at a time. It allows me to straighten up her room. She loves to give slobbery kisses. You can see her drool on the mirror in the middle picture. Yummy!

Now, onto that accident I was talking about above. Yes, the roller skate falling on her head. I freaked and Juni freaked and it was a stressful day. Those skates are heavy and can easily pinch or cut if your not careful. I called her doctor and they said to go to the ER just to make sure things were OK. No stitches, no concussion, no butterfly bandages. Just some Tylenol and antibiotic ointment to prevent infection. The doctor said that the mark should last about 6 months, so she will have that mark at her 1st birthday. Boo...
I had to document this unfortunate, yet monumental (for me) event in her life, since it being her first time in a hospital.

Oh, my poor baby girl. I must say though that when we got to the hospital she was all smiles for the nurses. I think she will take after her daddy and be a glass-half-full type of girl...I hope.

Juniper is doing just fine. She is happy and is enjoying pulling herself up on her two feet and cruising around her space station.
I hope the next post will be soon!
Emily Wilcock


  1. I have realized two things this room really needs. 1) Paint. Too bad we're in an apartment. 2) A rug. finding a big enough rug in our budget that is fitting would be a hard find.

  2. I love this post! Thanks for giving me a tour of little Juniper's room. It's darling and you are very creative and thrifty:) I think that putting up the records above the piano is a great idea. As far as something on the wall of her crib, I would hang a homemade mobile from the ceiling...maybe even two of them on either ends of her crib. I looked up some on google and found some pretty cute ideas. I wouldn't use this theme, but it's a creative and budget-friendly way of making one.
    I am sad I have never finished a room for Jocelyn, but once we get to our next duty station, I am going to do something fun for her. I will definitely be calling you for ideas! Love ya sis!

  3. Emily, I LOVE your blog so much and don't tell anyone but Juniper has to be my favorite baby of all times!! Kerri is soooo lucky to have her AND you. You and Heath are the cutest couple too! Nancy

  4. I love her room and her many awesome toys!!!

    I am also so sad she got hurt. Hope you are both doing well. Miss you Emily.