Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Unfamiliar Faces

Dear Blog,

I use Google's Picasa to organize all of my photos. They have had this new feature that recognizes faces and I finally set it up this morning. What they do is basically zoom in on faces and you can put a name to them. Every now and then a face would come up that I wouldn't even recognize and I could not figure out which picture they came from. It was kind of like a Where's Waldo and I found it thoroughly enjoyable. Here are some of the faces I found...

This young lady...

...just happened to sit behind us at a concert


This shadowed girl...

...was apparently at my wedding.


This little boy...

...celebrated my niece's 2nd Birthday with us.


And this man... Jesus Christ.
Or more accurately, played the role of Christ in the Easter Pageant.


These dashing young men...

...were also at my wedding. Actually, I know them. They are Heath's buddies. I just thought they looked so suave and "GQ" standing there, secretly wanting to be photographed but acting like they aren't in frame.

After a face has been named than the program tries to gather that face from any other photograph and label it. Most of the time they get it right, but sometimes they get it way wrong.

My Father-in-law, Jeff, was confused for...

My Dad.


My brother-in-law, Drew and step-mother, Doris were confused for...
...Grandma Wilcock
And Grandma Wilcock was confused for... brother, Jared.
And Heath was Confused for...
...this man.
OK, so it is Heath. But you can never be too sure.
And last but not least, Sarah.
Well, Picasa got her right. I just had to add her because isn't she so beautiful.
I know I may be embarrassing you, Sarah, but I couldn't not share this lovely picture.
Oh, this was just too much fun!
Emily Wilcock


  1. I am so confused!?!? Well, not really...... no, wait........ yes, I am.

  2. I have been always getting confused with others. In high school I have been confused with Bill Murray (people have said I looked like him?.... ok....) John Hendrickson (my dad), Bob Hendrickson (an older brother), Bill Hendrickson (another older brother), Craig Henderson, Greg Hendrickson or Greg Henderson (my baseball coach couldn't pronounce my name very well to reporters!) If you're still confused, my name is Craig Hendrickson. So there.

  3. i'm glad i wasn't confused with a cow in that wedding photo, emily!
    actually, this was pretty funny - and i think the party crasher at chloe's birthday party is hysterical!
    p.s. could you please post an updated photo of juniper and i? ;-)

  4. yes, sarah, you ARE absolutely beautiful - in every way!

  5. This is so funny Emily! lOVE the little guy who came to Peyton's party!