Monday, November 22, 2010

Passive Aggressive

Dear Blog,

Juniper is a very delightful child, but when it comes to sleep (and sometimes eating) she can be frustrating. I know those feelings are normal but I always feel foolish when I just lose it.

For instance...

Earlier today she was ever so ready for her nap. She was fed, dry, numbed (teething) and rubbing her sleepy eyes. For some reason she wouldn't stay down in her crib. So, I decided to do something that always helps her fall asleep: sing a bed time song. I start to sing as softly and sweetly as I am capable...

I have a family here on Earth, They are so good to me...

Meanwhile Juni starts to push away from me, making my blood boil!

I want to -- STOP IT!

Pause. She stops. I continue.

--share my life with them through all eternity.

Oy vey. Makes me feel crappy when I lose patience like that. No need to react that way, Emily, no need. At least it makes for a funny ridiculous story, right? That's so sad.

Emily Wilcock

Such a stinker!


  1. Oh girl, that's nothing. We could always react rationally, if they always *acted* rationally! I often say, just because something is developmentally appropriate, and we understand that, doesn't mean it doesn't bug the ever-lovin &%@$^* out of us sometimes!

  2. been there. done that. i hear it gets better in different stages... then they become teenagers. hehe