Friday, November 5, 2010

What Time Is It Mr. Fox?!

Dear Blog,

About a year ago, Heath's work gifted him a little device that tells the time, date, temperature, and weather. I guess the information comes to it via radio waves from a tower in Colorado and apparently it keeps your clock from slowing down or speeding up so you never have to adjust it.

Well yesterday, November 4th, I read something very alarming. Something I never thought possible...

Take a closer look...

Yep! On November 11, 2010 in Mesa, AZ at 2:58:43, it was 126.5 degrees outside and raining!!! In fact, it got up to 129. To bad that the actual temperature was still a bit unbelievable at 89 degrees.

Oh, and the time was about 15 minutes slow (we checked our alarm, computer and phone clocks which all agreed). Doesn't seem too accurate to me.

Emily Wilcock

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