Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Juniper's 1st Halloween

Dear Blog,

Juniper Lucy was a spider this year for Halloween. A very frou-frou-ey, girly spider.

Here she is with little Lucy. She loves her.

Sorry, both of us were just busy enough to not prepare a costume (although some joked Heath was Peter Jackson for Halloween). I was bummed but we'll just have to use the idea we had for next year.

Juniper got to taste new things!

So, now that Halloween has come and gone, here's to cooler weather (cross fingers).

Emily Wilcock

P.S. Juniper finally got her first tooth, the day after Halloween. Must have been all those sweets that got it to come out. She was exactly 11 months old. What a late bloomer.


  1. I love her big eyes in the last pic with the cupcake! So adorable! Did you make the costume yourself?

  2. No, I didn't make the costume but the bow and tulle was added.

  3. She made the cutest chubby, little spider ever! I loved her costume:)