Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rubber Duckie

Dear Blog,

I finally uploaded photos of the past month from my camera onto the computer today. I couldn't resist sharing these bath time moments.

I could just eat her up!

Momma Wilcock


  1. What kind of camera is that? She is amazingly adorable.

  2. she is so cute! i'm so glad you post all these pictures. so cute!

  3. Ashley-my camera is fujifilm finepix point and shoot. I wouldn't recommend it though because in actuality the pictures are very grainy. If I want a clear picture I have to use a flash but then she's all washed out. I mess with the photos using picasa and that's why they are B&W and I'm able to get some contrast in there. So don't be fooled, the quality isn't so great. But I'm taking that as a complement