Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday: 2011

Dear Blog,

Yesterday we had a wonderful Easter Sabbath (and I am grateful that God saw it fit for us to enjoy such fine weather on such a special day). I won't say much today so here are some pictures...

Don't you just love the gloves?! I just wish she had an Easter hat to go with her ensemble.

The official photo Wilcock Family: Easter 2011

Or maybe it should be this one. Notice how you can't tell where my neck ends and my head begins?

Juni says, "Why do you mock me, mother?"

Juni with Mongo the tortoise

What a little poser she is! It's cheesy but so very cute.

She had just about enough with those gloves. I think she was hungry too.

Cute little stinker!

Happy Easter!!!



  1. Wonderful pictures! Glad to see you had a wonderful Easter. Sorry we missed you.

  2. Junipie you are the cutest little girl to ever exist

  3. I hope you had her run those white gloves over the mantle to check for dust before she took them off for good.

  4. So cute! I love the little Easter dress!

  5. Love you all! It looks like you had a wonderful Easter! We miss you. Juni is freakin adorable.