Monday, April 18, 2011

Dear Blog,

Earth Day is a few days away and it got me thinking. Remember when I started the whole "Going Green" posts? There are 6 if you're interested in Apr, May, and Jun of 2010. Then they just stopped. Not that we stopped doing the few things that we have transitioned to, but that we haven't done anything more. Things got busy, minds were frazzled, and frankly I (we) just didn't have much energy at all to think about all of the how-to's in our quest of green conversion. We have been needing a boost.

Well, thank heavens I got my boost! I came across this story and how motivating it is for me. I feel good knowing that we already do a lot of the same things (e.g. using mesh bags for produce, shopping for clothes at thrift stores, and using canisters to some of our food), so it feels like I am already a few steps into the game. They have reminded me that this lifestyle is actually easier and less stressful than the trash inducing one that society currently accepts. (Also, the mom is French which explains a lot right there. I think Europeans grow up living more resourcefully anyway and I like to look to them as an example.)

The amount of trash this family has used in 4 months!!!
Anyway, it's time to declutter. But first go read the story and here is the family's blog.

Emily Wilcock

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