Saturday, February 13, 2010


Dear Blog,

Every Saturday night Heath does his shows at NCT-National Comedy Theatre and Juniper sleeps most of the night so I usually spend my Saturday nights alone. I rarely go out on these nights because it corresponds with Juniper's long stretch of sleep. I don't mind much. I'm just happy that Heath gets to perform each week. After working at a job he'd rather not have, going to NCT is his bread & butter. It's what keeps him alive! I am very proud of him, that he went for it and auditioned a year ago and made it! He still gets nervous before shows and can't eat. I think it is very sweet and silly too. He has nothing to worry about because he always does a great job and anyone who knows him would agree that he is quite the funny fellow.

Meet "the Team"

Playing "Blind Freeze Tag"

Juniper and I hanging out

I must be off to bed.
Emily Wilcock


  1. I do agree! He is funny, and was great when we saw him at NCT. Junie looks great, you're lucky to get to spend your saturdays with such a cutie.

  2. I wish we lived in AZ to come see Heath:( Anyway, can I eat Juniper? Cause she is seriously SO CUTE! Love you sis!

  3. hey! i just realized i've met you. i'm friends with jared corder (former member of NCT) and one night I was there and you were and we met, because jared thinks it's funny to introduce anyone he knows who is mormon to anyone else he knows who is mormon. endless entertainment for him. i'm pretty sure it was you. small world.