Saturday, February 20, 2010

Macadamia Nuts and Samoas

Dear Blog,

There's no doubt we act like our parents from time to time, if not all the time. I'm sure we all have said or done something which we instantly realize was just like our mom or dad. One thing I do like my mother is correct people who pronounce something wrong. Heath, on the other hand, is like his father and frequently says a word incorrectly. Clearly, we were made for each other (Not that I'm proud of correcting people. In fact, I'm working hard on keeping my mouth shut).

For instance, When my mom came into town when we had our baby she brought with her chocolate covered macadamia nuts from Hawaii. I noticed that whenever Heath would say "macadamia" it sounded like he added an "n" at the end. Finally, after about the 10th time of him saying it I brought it up and we had a conversation that went a little like this...

Me: Are you saying "macadamian?"

Heath: Yeah, macadamian nuts.

Me: No, I mean not macadamia but macadamian?

Heath: They're called macadamian nuts.

Me: It's macadami-UH not macadami-AN.

Heath: Yeah, macadamian.

Me: You're saying it like these nuts are from a place called macadamia. Like macadamians come from macadamia (laughing).

Heath: (serious) It's macadamian, Emily. (He's just messing with me now to see how long I'm going to keep this up).

Me: Where's the box, I'm going to show you there is no "n" at the end of macadami-UH.

Heath: You're going to be wrong.

I found the box and I was right! But it's not about always being right, right? Then earlier this afternoon I had deja vu. Heath brought me home some Girl Scout Cookies, Samoas to be exact. We are snacking on them and Heath is talking about how much he likes them.

Heath: I think Samoans are the best ones. Then Tag-a-longs. Thin mints are good too.

Me: It's Samo-UHs not Samo-ANs.

Heath: Yeah, Samoans.

Me: Wait, didn't already have this conversation?

Heath: I think we have.

Me: What was it?

Heath: Uh....

A minute goes by...

Heath: Macadamian nuts

Me: Oh yeah. Macadamia.

Heath: Macadamian nuts and Samoans

Oi vay!!!


Emily Wilcock


  1. hey you! it's me, sydneeee! cute blog!

  2. Ok, I just read your very first post - totally relate to that - I think a lot of bloggers do actually.

    Read your post about Heath & also related - sometimes I realize how serious I can be and am like - dang, why the seriousness? I'm trying to like it in myself more and still find ways to laugh more often too.

    And then this post made me laugh out loud.

    So all in all, you're doing a smashing blog job Mrs. Wilcock (Ok, so it must drive you MAD when people call you Emily Wilcocks? (I thought it was Wilcocks or Wilcox for the longest time)

    Thanks for all of your congrats and notes on FB.

    Let's chat soon about birthing experiences so you can share all of your light with me :)

  3. What a cute blog! I love your conversations with Heath. Sounds like the ones we have at our house, but I'm Heath. :) Miss having you guys in the ward!

  4. i am sorry you are like your mom, emily.
    but seriously, this post make me laugh so hard i started to cry!
    tell, heath he gets no more macadamia nuts till he pronounces correctly. well, maybe if he adds the 'n' just to be funny and annoy you i can still deliver...

  5. Hi Emily….. I have sincerely enjoyed these posts of yours. As your father I must say that your happiness is very important to me and with that I say choose your battles carefully. It’s good to see that Heath does have a good sense of humor and is patient. We all have our little quirks and it is up to us to decide if it is worth the effort to point them out. I am pleased to see that you realize your reaction to them to the point of frustration or to prove you are right can be a bit silly and that you are trying to let them go and not bother you. At times, this can be a little difficult but this is a sign of growing maturity and acceptance of your sweetheart and trying your best to make the relationship work. Focus on the good and strengths of your husband and with any luck, one day he’ll say macadamia or samoa. Love you, Dad…………… p.s. I agree with Heath and that Samoas are the best. I also think they should be against the law. They’re that good.

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  7. I am glad that we were able to recognize that our relationship is more important than fighting over these ethnic backgrounds. Oh, but if you bring up the difference between chocolate milk and strawberry milk again, I'm walking.

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