Saturday, February 27, 2010

For the Love of Food

Dear Blog,

Heath does and says a lot of funny things and I need to remember them. So, whenever there is a small moment that cracks me up (and when he's not trying to be funny, I feel this point is important) I am going to tell you about it so I can look back and laugh and say, "Oh yeah! Ha ha ha ha ha....."

The other day I decided to make some bratwurst for dinner. Heath loves bratwurst with ALL the fixings. I am in the kitchen getting everything together and Heath joins me. We're talking about who knows what and then, all of the sudden, Heath decides to take my hand, hold my waist, and press his forehead to mine and leads me around the kitchen in a lovely romantic dance. I smile and think he's so sweet and wonderful. Kisses and a short minute passes and then in a soft, loving voice he says.....

"I wish we had sauerkraut."

He really knows how to make me swoon!

Mrs. Wilcock

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  1. Hahaha this is great. I'm sure there will be plenty more moments like this that should be recorded.