Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Have you seen how beautiful the sky is?

Dear Blog,
Heath never gets as excited over the sky as I do. It's not that he doesn't find it beautiful, he just doesn't "ooh" and "ah" like me.
Sunsets have always left me speechless and wanting so badly to enjoy that seeing them with someone. I remember my senior year while I was on Pom & Cheer at Mesa High during the football season. We would arrive before the game to set up while it was still daylight but the game never started until after dark. So, every Friday night I witnessed the most amazing sunsets (I think they were particularly amazing during that time of year because it was usually partly cloudy). I would be taping banners to the bleachers saying aloud (to myself really but loud enough so the girls standing by me could hear), "The sky is so beautiful." "Isn't that gorgeous?" "Wow." But I would never get any response from the other girls. Maybe they didn't hear me. Every week I expressed the sky's breathtaking beauty and still no response. No one even looked! Finally, my friend Shawnda was walking by so I asked her, "Shawnda, look at the sky! Isn't it beautiful?" Without even slowing her pace she took a quick glance at the sky and said, "Yeah!" I shrugged my shoulders and gave up and thought, "I guess I just really like the sky more than usual."
The sunset a couple weeks ago
I remember the first boy I kissed. I was 19, YES 19! He was an odd boy but kind and funny and took an interest to me. I wasn't really interested. After my classes one day at school, I was practicing my piano pieces in the choir room (there were no more classes there for the day). The door was left open because it was a lovely day outside. He peeked his head in the door and said that he was going to listen to me practice. I thought that was weird but whatever, and he sat on the door stop and looked outside towards the sky. After about 5 minutes he said, "The clouds are so beautiful."
What?!?!?! I couldn't believe it! Someone, and a boy for that matter, thought the sky was as beautiful as I did! He got me interested after that. I stopped practicing and went and talked to him. Haha, apparently it didn't work out.
Still, to this day, I have this passion. I don't express it as much as I would like because I don't think people really care. So I just take it all in instead, it's their loss.
Sometimes I ask Heath if he has seen the sky that day. He humors me and says, "Yes, it's beautiful." He's sweet like that.
Emily Wilcock
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  1. well, emily, everyone knows you really don't look like me, but HEY! you love sunsets and beautiful skies, just like your mom. not sure why i have a passion for nature in that realm (and i totally loves starry nights too). maybe that's one of the reasons i love living in maui so much. beautiful skies (morning, noon, sunset and night time).

  2. I guess I am officially dubbed "Sun-Set Hater." It is beautiful, but you are right, I dont "ohh" and "ahh" over it, but I do about so many other things. I guess thats what makes us all so different and unique. We appreciate things in different ways. I didnt know you associated me and our friendship with such negative feelings girl. But I hope we atleast had some good times through the years. Hope you guys are doing great.

  3. Abe and I are the same as you and Heath! I always notice the sky and tell him to go look. When he does he usually doesn't say anything so I ask him what he thinks. He says "yeah, its pretty". Funny how we can notice and be so passionate about different things!! Great post Smems!

  4. Hi Emily.... I too find myself at times admiring the sunsets of Arizona. I have been to many places on this planet and Arizona does have some of the finest and most colorful sunsets. I even took a picture of one as I was going to see a football game. I was walking up to the University of Phoenix Stadium to watch the Arizona Cardinals play and the sky impressed me so much I stopped to take the picture. I'll have to show it to you one day. It’s kind of like taking a picture of the Grand Canyon. A picture never does it justice. It is good that we stop and "smell the roses" once in a while and admire Heavenly Father's creations. Men usually don’t express this and tend to keep things like that to ourselves. It’s just the way we are. Love you. Dad

  5. haha this is really great! I'm glad to know there are other beauty enthusiast out there! :)