Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Smiles are contagious

Dear Blog,
It is really hard to find a formula that works best for Juniper. They leave her constipated and the poor darling's face turns red with every push. I feel so bad for her. I hoped I would get my money's worth but no, not really. I took many people's advice and applied for WIC which I have but was told that they only give out the same powdered formula that is the hardest on June. I know beggars can't be choosers but I wish I could choose something better. Heath and I are trying to be more natural and holistic for us city dwellers to be but getting breastmilk from a milk bank isn't exactly in our budget. It is unfortunate that WIC doesn't even consider alternatives to similac.
I have had a migraine and felt nauseated all day and June is much more gassy and constipated from switching to a new formula. This leaves us both deprived of sleep that we both could really use. Being sensitive to sound as a result of the migraine, her cries and screams painfully ring in my ears. It is hard not to get frustrated when hearing her cry physically hurts. But every now and then she still looks at me and gives me a huge smile showing her toothless grin and dimples. You have all heard it before but that smile actually does make you forget all of her cries and makes you feel much better.
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  1. try adding a bit of mineral oil to her formula. just a tiny bit will probably help move things along. you know, grease the tubes.